Internet \ Intranet
Desktop and Server


We specialize in developing custom software to suit your company's needs - Suitable for small budgets and tailored to fulfill or automate your particular processes.When future needs arise, new modules can be added to the software.

Data Interaction

We develop applications and web servers interacting with large Microsoft and Oracle databases to extract, transform and load data. We bring speed on selection and present the data to the user, on local or remote systems using internet, intranets or custom IP based servers.

Robust Applications

Sync works to develop and install robust and dependable software using the latest technologies and by applying rigorous stress testing and monitoring.

Full applications

Customer support.
Client tracking.

Software Components

Single custom components to specialize tasks for current or new versions of third party software, as software libraries or stand-alone applications:
New Middle Tier, real-time business logic.
File or Buffer Encryption.
TCP/IP or UDP/IP Multi-client/Server running as a background Service.